Active Schools: Friday Finale!

This week, 3rd-6th class were given the challenge of completing a 1km run around the school in under 5 minutes. All the children took this challenge on and not only tried to beat the time set but also focused on their own goals. Some wanted to get onto the list to run in the final race on Friday, where they would take on Mr. Stokes and Mrs. Lynch while also trying to beat Mr. Murphy’s time. 1st and 2nd Class took on Ms. Nolan in a lap around the school also, the teachers were exhausted by 3pm 🙂

The children were excellent, those who managed to beat the time, encouraged their classmates to keep going and achieve their goals. The team effort and spirit in the school this week was amazing!!

The race was thoroughly enjoyable and everyone had great fun competing in it and cheering others on.



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