Europe Day 🇪🇺

5th & 6th class have been learning all about Europe in the Blue Star Programme. To celebrate the end of the programme we hosted ‘Europe Day’ on Friday the 13th of May. The children worked in various stations, playing games, carrying out quizzes and teaching the other children about various topics related to Europe.

In one station the children were working on the Geography and History of Europe. They displayed their excellent projects that they completed throughout the year and informed the children from other classes all about what they had learned.

At the next station the children were painting like Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, lying on their backs. They also learned how to draw faces like Picasso used to, using cubism.

At the language station the children were learning how to say ‘Hello’ in a new language with the help of games on the iPads.

At the final station the children had the opportunity to taste lots of different foods from around Europe. There was lots to chose from and lots of different countries represented.

The children worked so hard to put the day together and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children from the other classes. Well done 5th & 6th class!



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