European Artists 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨 🎨

In 5th & 6th class we are learning all about Europe and its people and cultures. The past few weeks we have spent time learning to pain like some famous European artists such as Picasso, Ton Schulten and Michelangelo. We looked at their style of painting and put it into practice.

For Picasso we learned about cubism and drew self portraits using cubism and symbols to represent our talents and hobbies. Ton Schulten paints cityscapes using bright colours in an abstract style. We painted different tones of colours to make buildings and finished it with bold black lines to outline the buildings and their details. Michelangelo is famous for painting the Sistine chapel, which he completed while lying down. We put our painting skills to the test and lay down under our tables and painted just like Michelangelo. We had great fun and created some amazing masterpieces.



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