Farm Safe Schools Module 3: Tractors and Machinery

In the third module of Farm Safe Schools we learned about the various types of farm machinery and equipment that are commonly used on a farm and how the farmer must be responsible and safe when using tractors, quad bikes and Power Take Off, (P.T.O.), equipment.

We learned about the importance of knowing the blind spots of a tractor and being aware that the driver cannot see you if you are standing near the tractor. We learned an acronym to help us to remember how to stay safe around tractors.

S…Stop the tractor in a Safe place.
T…Take up the hand break and prevent the tractor from rolling.
O…Take the tractor Out of gear and feet Off the pedals
P…Put the bucket or fork down.
I…Turn off the Ignition
T…Take out the keys.

we’ll be sure to remind the adult we know on the farm about these tips!!

We also learned about safety around Quad Bikes. This is really important as some children have family members and neighbours with quad bikes and enjoy watching them and driving with them on the quad bikes. We learned lots of safety tips around using quad bikes, including that we must never ride as a passenger on a quad bike!

We learned about Power Take Off (P.T.O.’s) and how it transfers the power from a running tractor engine to
power another machine attached to the tractor, for example, a slurry spreader, a mower or a hay turner.

This was a really interesting module and the children loved learning about the various machines that are used on a farm and more importantly, how to remain safe around machinery.



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