Food Tasting!!


We had a lovely afternoon on Thursday 19th November. All the boys and girls took part in our Healthy School Food Tasting event which marked the launch of our new Healthy Eating Policy.

There were lots of fruit, vegetables and other healthy lunch options for the children to try.  Some boys and girls tasted foods such as water melon, pineapple,radish, avocado, feta cheese and hummus for the very first time.

We hope that all the boys and girls will be very creative when planning their lunches from now on.  There are lots of tasty lunch options which don’t cost a lot or require a huge amount of effort.

Please take the time to read our new Healthy Eating Policy. Note that a small treat is only permitted on Fridays.   Click on the link below to read the policy:

Healthy Eating Policy. Sept. ’15

There are also lots of ideas in this brochure:


Enjoy looking through our photos! Click on the photos to enlarge them.



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