Internet Safety Day 5th & 6th Class 💻📲📱🤳📵

On February the 8th in 5th and 6th class we talked all about internet safety and what it meant to be safe online. A lot of us use the internet daily, whether it is for gaming, homework, school work, social media or apps so it is so important that we know how to look after ourselves when using the internet. We talked about being kind online and what cyber-bullying looks like and what to do if we or a friend are experiencing it. We talked about the cyber safety rule: Stop, Block, Tell; Stop responding to the person who is bullying you; Block them from being able to message you; Tell an adult that you trust;

We discussed how that, although the internet is a fantastic resource, using it comes with responsibility and how we behave online is very important. Also, staying safe online and how we should not talk to strangers online.



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